Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Best Baitcasting Reel

The dawn of a new era in fishing using a baitcaster is upon us. This reel, made by U.S. Reels company is a baitcasting reel that represents a new era in the mechanics of baitcasting reels. Much like U.S. Reels supercaster spinning reels, the SC1000 and the SC1000 Pro were designed to address an ongoing problem with the existing baitcasting reel designs you find with all other reel manufacturers.

Everyone that uses a traditional baitcasting reel is aware of backlashes. This happens when you cast your line out and you don't properly “thumb” the spool. What happens is backlash and a lot of line that gets tangled up. The reason this happens, is the traditional level wind spool has to pause when you cast out the line then accelerates to catch up. This acceleration can begin a backlash! So how do you minimize backlash? First you must properly “thumb the spool in order to control or stop the backlash or you create a baitcaster with no eyelet, which adds to the backlash problem.

That's exactly what the U.S Reels company did. They created a reel with no eyelet, which will allow the line to leave the reel straight and virtually free of friction, regardless of the position of the line. How does it work?
The new baitcaster has an “angled bar levelwind” which is the heart of the system that levels the line on the spool by a rotating angle bar which creates a see-saw effect to guide the line instead of an eyelet. The rolling motion of the bar levels the line, but during the casting phase does not restrict the line like a typical levelwind eyelet.

The levelwind is also adjustable. The height of the new levelwind system regulates casting control. When in the highest position, the angled bar minimizes the need to thumb the reel during a cast and yet the reel casts farther than most reels because the reel is not limited by the eyelet. When in a lower position look out because the reel will literally cast a long, long distance.
The spool on this reel actually rotates the wrong way. It works better this way because it is best mechanically with the angle bar action levelwind. An angle is required for the see- saw action to work. When the line comes from below, it creates this angle. Spool control is easier with the spool turning into the thumb, rather than moving away from the thumb. Backlashes are rare. If they do happen, they come untangled easier. There isn't much of a learning curve with this reel compared to a traditional levelwind baitcasting reel. If you always wanted to fish with a baitcaster but were afraid of backlashes, well this is the reel for you! Either way this reel makes fishing with a baitcast style reel much easier, and more enjoyable.

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